House of Justine @ no 24

VTCT Level 3 Diploma

in Aromatherapy
5 Days

This VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy training course is comprehensive and practical. This vastly interesting course will provide you with knowledge of principles of Aromatherapy, and how Aromatherapists practice. You will learn the benefits and techniques of Aromatherapy massage and the sources and effects of essential oils, and be able to provide treatments safely and effectively to clients in different circumstances.

Aromatherapy can be defined as the art and science of utilising naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonise and promote health of the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy seeks to explore the individuals physiological and psychological response to aromatic extracts as well as to observe and enhance the individuals healing process. Aromatherapy is both preventative as well as an active treatment for acute and chronic illness and disease, coupled with an unrivalled deep relaxation and bliss which is why aromatherapy is such a unique experience.


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